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At the beach

2/05/2020 10:21
I arrived by bicycle. The spring was young, and the air was still fresh, but I knew that the dunes would be a nice shelter. I pushed the bicycle into the dunes and began to undress. The place is pretty crowded in the summer, today it was empty. Once protected from the wind, the sun began to heat my face and when naked, I could feel the heat all over my body. The last time I could enjoy the sun like that was seven months ago.
I lied down with my hat over my face. I felt good. A bit warmer weather would bring more comfort, but it was nice anyway. I let my head go away. I wanted to wash my brain from the international news and the local restrictions to my freedom. I almost stopped to think. I was good when some clothe touch my sex to remove sand from it.
I lifted my hand to remove the hat from my face, but another hand smoothly prevented me to do so. I needed to decide if I want to let this unknown person to touch my sex or to escape. The situation alone aroused me, and I let it continue. I put my hand back in the sand to let things happen. The touch was gentle on my sex and I could say that this hand knew by heart what to do to make me even more excited.
After some minutes of this treatment, I was completely elsewhere. The public place, the unknown person, the sun on my skin, the light caress of fresh wind, everything made me feel even more aroused. I even did not know if this partner was of my gender or not. That was exciting too. I could not even judge by the appearance when I usually make a big deal of exterior appearance or brain. For the first time since long, it will be sex for sex. I slightly opened my legs to give better access to all the parts of my anatomy. I already gave acceptation; this was the confirmation. I did not know where I was going but I went.
Maybe it was part of the plan or result of my movement but soon, I felt the soft touch of lips on my sex. Kisses went first. Soft and nice with lips pushing strongly on the sensitive skin of my erogenous zones. From time to time, the tongue pushed between the lips to quickly lick a part of my body. Hands were still occupied with my sex when the mouth explored my skin. I wanted to kiss these lips too, but they never came to mine. Since the beginning, every movement from my side was gently stopped.
Many kisses later, the mouth went to work along with the hands on my sex. I loved it; it was so perfect. I let myself go and maybe some sounds went out from my mouth. I would have like to remove my hat, but it seems that it was the condition to get these incredible caresses. My body was covered with gooseflesh from pleasure and the fresh air of early spring. Around me, the world could collapse. I was all for these hands, these lips and this skilful tongue that was playing all around my sex.
Some butterflies began to fly in my belly, and I knew it would not be long before my pleasure change into orgasm. Caresses continued faster and stronger. I had a long and strong orgasm. Once back in reality, I was waiting for the sequel. Nothing came. I raised a hand at my hat and when I removed it, I did not see anybody around. Some footsteps that were not mine where heading in the direction of the forest. I followed them but I did not see anybody. The person that gave me such an orgasm would remain unknown.